TERREWODE’s staff counsels a fistula patient during hospitalization following a surgery in Mbale Hospital. They collaborate with local hospitals                                to identify, refer and support women and girls affected by fistula so they can receive free treatment.

For over 15 years, TERREWODE has helped women access treatment for fistula.

Our process is exceptionally successful due to our broad grassroots network– first, trained community volunteers help identify women suffering from fistula in their communities. We educate her about the treatment options available and support her at every step of her treatment journey.

We are excited that we are now able to provide world class treatment and rehabilitation of obstetric fistula at Terrewode Women’s Community Hospital (TWCH), which opened in August 2019.

TWCH will increase the number of women treated for obstetric fistula and related childbirth injuries by 600 per year, greatly increasing Uganda’s current treatment capacity. Women who receive care at TWCH will benefit from expert surgical care delivered in a state-of-the-art facility which focuses on patient-centered care.

In addition, TERREWODE will continue to partner with the Ministry of Health and regional referral hospitals in all our areas of operations, including Mulago National Referral Hospital, to support free treatment services for women and girls throughout Uganda. Women who reside at a distance from TWCH are given the option of attending a local public hospital with TERREWODE’s support or traveling to TWCH.

At partner government facilities, we ensure that surgical teams are motivated and medical supplies are available. We also support further these women and their caretakers by meeting their costs of transport to and from the health facility; and related costs for patient care during hospitalization when necessary.