TERREWODE’s staff counsels a fistula patient during hospitalization following a surgery in Mbale Hospital. They collaborate with local hospitals                                to identify, refer and support women and girls affected by fistula so they can receive free treatment.

We collaborate with the Ministry of Health to provide surgical treatment for women and girls with obstetric fistulas. We currently work with five regional referral hospitals in all our areas of operations, including the national referral hospital, Mulago to support free and quality treatment services to the affected women and girls.

Our support for treatment of women and girls suffering fistula is multi-layered. We identify the patient first; we educate her about the available treatment sites and free services to help her decide. In consultation with the hospital administrators and the surgeons, we affect referral of the affected woman or girl. We work with the government nursing staff to provide pre and post-operative counselling to the patients. This service varies according to the hospital needs at the time.

We ensure the surgical teams are kept motivated, and assist in ensuring medical supplies are available. We also support further these women and their caretakers by meeting their costs of transport to and from the health facility; and other costs related with patient care during hospitalization where necessary.