Social Reintegration

Tailoring training session during TERREWODE’S Reintegration Program
Photo credit: Joni Kabana
At Terrewode, we are committed to improving the long-term wellbeing and social reintegration of women with fistula.

We developed our model Reintegration Program to provide the comprehensive care women need to fully heal from the trauma of fistula and successfully reintegrate into their communities.

Our holistic 2-week program provides:
• Intensive counseling, including family and marital counseling,
• Safe motherhood, family planning, and health education,
• Income-generating training for economic empowerment and microfinance education
• Advocacy and awareness of sexual reproductive health rights and legal rights, and
• Social reintegration support.

We offer both a residential program and a field-based curriculum in order to meet the needs of all women.

Terrewode Women’s Community Hospital Reintegration Ward

After graduating from our program, women have developed businesses in soap-making, beading and jewelry, tailoring, baking, hairdressing, and mechanics, among others.

Finally, the Reintegration Program provides training in Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights. TERREWODE staff equip women and girls affected by fistula with the tools & knowledge to enable women to advocate for their rights.

Fistula survivors learning how to make goat-milk soap

Photo credit: Joni Kabana

olidarity Groups

 As women reintegrate into their communities after treatment, TERREWODE facilitates the formation of Solidarity Groups.

 Composed of fistula survivors, women’s group leaders and community members, Solidarity Groups provide critical on-going support, co-counselling, and self-reliance skills for women.

 Solidarity groups also form micro-savings groups, assist one another with business strategies, and work together to advocate for improved maternal healthcare and reproductive rights.