by Daniel Edyegu

The staffs from TERREWODE have undergone fire fighting and prevention
training as part of the safety measures against fire outbreaks at the
new TWCH. The Uganda Police took TERREWODE staff through the formal
and practical sessions in the area.

While conducting the training at TWCH premises in Arapai sub county,
Soroti district, Christopher Dramani, the police trainer on fire
fighting and prevention, emphasised that staff need to prioritise
prevention of fire than fighting an outbreak.

“Fighting fire is about saving lives and property. Fire outbreaks
retard development. So we need to put more emphasis in preventing
outbreaks rather than putting out fire outbreaks. Only fight fire if
it’s safe to do so. If it’s not, don’t. Run away. We can afford to
lose property and replace it but we can’t afford to lose life because
its irreplaceable,” Dramani stressed.

Dramani also took staff on how to use portable fire extinguishers, the
hose reel for medium fire and the hydrant for full-blown fire. He
advised staff to note the fire fighting code – PASS, short for Press,
Aim, Squeeze and Sweep in using fire extinguishers.