by Daniel Edyegu

TERREWODE has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the
Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia (HFE), a gesture that will open up a working
relationship between the two entities.

The MOU was signed on May 30, 2019 between the founder and executive
director TERREWODE, Alice Emasu Seruyange, and the acting chief
executive officer Hamlin hospital, Tesfaye Mamo, during the occasion
to mark 60 years of the existence of Hamlin hospital in Ethiopia.

The MOU allows for Terrewode Women Community Hospital (TWCH), to
replicate the Hamlin model of care for women and girls affected by
fistula and other childbirth injuries.

“It marks the beginning of an important collaboration in which Hamlin
is entering into a partnership to scale its 50 year fistula work with
an African organisation. This symbolic signing is a demonstration of
transparency and accountability for all partners of both
organisations,” Mamo said.  (Website)