by Daniel Edyegu

The medical team from Terrewode Community Women Hospital (TWCH) has
returned to Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia (HFE) hospital from a weeklong
medical training.

The team comprising of Dr. Josephine Namugenyi, the medical director
TWCH, Elizabeth Atiang, the chief nurse TWCH, Agnes Amidiong, the
deputy chief nurse TWCH and Dr. Fred Kirya, one of the premium fistula
surgeons in Uganda, spent time in both Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia and the
regional treatment centres.

They toured HFE hospital, attended a complex surgery and the screening
process and subsequent surgeries at Yirgalem regional centre in

“Given that we are replicating the Hamlin Model of fistula care, this
visit provided us with the opportunity to witness firsthand how they
conduct their surgical processes and care. We also had the opportunity
to participate in screening of the fistula patients. We now have hands
on experience on the set up of a fistula hospital and its operations.
We will replicate this at TWCH” Dr. Namugenyi said. (Website)